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At Glazed Grinders Donuts, we do donuts.
We care about bringing classic, quality donuts straight to you.

Whether that’s through our food truck or delivery, we’re thinking outside the box to connect you with treats conveniently.
But what you’ll remember us for is what’s inside the box: affordable and delicious donuts.

We’re known for traditional donuts done right. No fluff and no fuss. Just flavor. Albuquerque born and operated, Glazed Grinders cares about the people in the city as much as the donuts filling their bellies.

That’s why everybody loves Glazed, and Glazed loves everybody.

First Glazed Grinders Franchise Opens
In Santa Fe, New Mexico

April 2022

Glazed Grinders, the popular food truck known for their delicious and unique donuts, opened its first ever food trailer in Santa Fe, New Mexico in April 2022. With this exciting new venture, Glazed Grinders aims to bring their flavors to even more people, and satisfy the cravings of their loyal customers in Santa Fe. The team is excited to introduce their mouth-watering sandwiches to a new audience, and to continue to innovate and create new, exciting dishes. From classic combinations to bold new flavors, Glazed Grinders promises to offer a dining experience like no other.

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